Tips for cleaning the drain pipes

The process of maintaining a house is critical. The drain lines are used for carrying gray water, sewerage, and other waste products from the house. These piles or lines should be cleaned on a regular basis. This will ensure that you are living in a healthy environment. However, some people do not clean their drain pipes; they have to wait until something wrong happens. This should be avoided since the dirty water from these pipes might end being absorbed by the wall or floor leading to severe damage. Besides, the dirty water from these pipes is hazardous to your health because it has bacteria. The tips discussed below will guide you in cleaning or taking care of your drain pipes.

Know what needs to be done

Checking your drain pipes regularly will help you in keeping them out of troubles. Clogs blocking these pipes should be cleared.

Checking the pipes

The process of checking the drainage pipes is one of the essential parts of home improvement. This will help in keeping the living environment healthy and fresh. Keeping track and taking care of your pipes is one of the best ways of preventing unexpected and sudden damage. Most of the drain pipes are connected to the city’s sewer connection or the septic tanks.


Keeping them clean will facilitate smooth flow of the waste-water as well as preventing clogging. Food remains, hair, grease, and scum are the leading causes of pipe clogging. You are advised to consult or call a plumber when you drainage starts to slow down. These professionals have chemicals and special tools that help in clearing out the drain lines easily without causing any damage to the pipes.

Catching the clogs

Both dirt and clogs should be prevented from the drain lines. This is part of the home maintenance process. Failure to catch the clogs will lead to flooding of the home area with dirty water. This will, in turn, damage your floors and walls. Hiring a plumber can help you in addressing this issue.


Why do you need to maintain your drain lines?

Some of the annual preventive measures used in cleaning the drain lines include cleaning of the bathtubs, shower, and sinks. Adopting these measures will help you in improving your drainage system in the following ways.

  • Prevent blockage of the drain lines by the roots of shrubs or trees
  • Control or prevent the breeding of bacteria
  • Regular cleaning will prevent clogging