Main types of vacuum cleaners

There are many designs of vacuum cleaners in the market today all of which are helpful in keeping your home free of allergens and dust. Each cleaner has its unique function and shape. For effective cleaning, you can combine two or more types of cleaners. This means that you should know the different types of cleaners for you to choose the ones that are suitable for your cleaning requirements. There are many types of vacuum cleaners. Professional experts mainly use these cleaners for different cleaning purposes such as carpet cleaning.

Upright vacuum cleaner

This is the most preferred and famous vacuum cleaner. Most of the times when you see a vacuum machine or ads on newspapers and websites there is a high probability of it being the upright model. This model is known for its intense cleaning results. Additionally, an upright vacuum cleaner is designed with attachments and accessories that are easy to use thereby enhancing its functionality. Also, its settings have made it very useful for carpet cleaning and cleaning the uncovered floors.

Stick vacuum cleaner

This machine is considered to be less powerful as compared to the other designs, but it is useful in cleaning the narrow places. You can use it in cleaning your light carpeting, area rugs, and hardwood floors. This cleaner is a thin design and a long handle that resembles a stick. Its unique design has made one of the ides options for cleaning purposes. Another advantage of this machine is that it can fit conveniently in the narrow corners or places in a house.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

This machine is ideal for the small areas, and those areas that are cannot be reached easily. Again, this machine can be held easily by hands. Its adaptability has made it one of the best choices for suctioning up trash and dust in those areas that cannot be reached easily. For instance, they are used in cleaning the interior parts of a car. However, this machine cannot be used in cleaning a large floor area because it would take much of your time.


Canister vacuum cleaner

This is a user-friendly machine that stands in between the stick model and the upright model. It has a sturdy design and powerful capabilities like the upright model, but it has a thin casting that is similar to that of the stick cleaner. This machine is designed with a different canister that is connected to its long wand. It is mainly used in cleaning uncovered floor and carpets.