If you are heading to Europe this year then I wanted to write a piece just for you to highlight some of the European cities which you simply cannot afford to miss out on during your time in the continent. Some of the countries in Europe will grab the headlines in terms of their popularity but their level of popularity is not always an indication that they are the best. Having traveled extensively through Europe, I have whittled my favorite countries down to a top 5 which I think that you simply cannot avoid visiting during your time here in Europe.

United Kingdom

The UK is so perfectly varied and there is an incredible amount to love about the nation. London speaks for itself, iconic buildings, cultural hotspots and a real melting pot of cultures can be found here. Away from the capital however you will find other awesome cities such as Edinburgh, Newcastle and Liverpool as well as huge amount of natural beauty in places like Cornwall, Anglesey and the Lake District. Getting around the UK is super easy with trains and busses operating all over the island and I cannot wait to go back again.


Anyone on a shoestring budget will absolutely love Poland and I would really recommend that you visit the Eastern European country when you are in the continent. The city of Warsaw and Krakow are filled with historical monuments and quint and quirky displays and installations from art, to politics. Here in Poland you can also visit Auschwitz, a sobering experience where you will see the gas chambers which the Nazis used to exterminate Jews in the Second World War, as well as the graves.


I really left my heart in Italy and I cant wait to go back there, stunning food, glorious landscapes, amazing locals and a huge variety of influences and culture. Most of Italy actually feels like an open-air art museum and you only need to look at places like Rome, Venice and Palermo to see this for yourself.

Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland offers you a great chance to explore some of the most expansive and isolated green lands that you are likely to find in Europe. Much of the country feels like it never modernized, and the locals are more than happy with this. Here you can expect stunning natural landscapes, incredible coastline and some of the happiest people that I have veer encountered.


Portugal is really underrated and it is a country that genuinely surprised me. If you are looking for some sunshine and some of Europe’s best beaches, head down to south of the country to the Algarve, a beautiful and very sunny area of the country, famous for its coastline and its abundance of golf courses. The capital city Lisbon is a great weekend city, colorful, vibrant and a perfect blend of traditional ways of life in a  culturally modern city.

What are your favorite countries in Europe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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