Working abroad is a great way of allowing you to see the very best of a country, without the worry of running out of money on the road. When you work abroad you meet super interesting people, you have a routine and you can see some wonderful things as you travel. One of the best continents for people who are looking to work and travel is Europe, excellent infrastructure and a wide range of job opportunities. Each year, tens of thousands of people come to Europe from all over the world in order to work and explore and if you want to get a working holiday visa, here are some of the best jobs which you can do.

Bar Work

Bars exist in practically every town, village and city across Europe and this is a job which really doesn’t require much proviso experience. There are always plenty of jobs available in this industry given the high turnover of staff and if you are happy to pull pints and chat with the drinkers, this could be a great job for you. This is not a very highly paid job but it should give you enough cash to explore your new country.


Throughout France, Germany, Italy, Spain and in parts of northern Europe, there are thousands of miles of vineyards producing some of the world’s most loved wines. If you are looking for a job whilst you travel, you could get one on one of the many vineyards and play a key role in the picking and pressing of grapes during the wine-making process. The job isn’t paid very well but usually you will be given board and food as well as some spending money. Most of the vineyards are in rural communities, a great jumping off point to discover somewhere new.

Au Pair

In some of the big European cities, au pairs are highly sought after to look after the children of wealthy families. Au pairs can be paid very well and there are multiple benefits to this kind of work. You will usually stay in the home of the family and this will give you a unique insight into how the locals live.

Farm Worker

If you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in some hard work then you could assist on the thousands of farms throughout Europe. The job roles will be incredibly varied and you will be doing new things as the seasons change. Much like working on vineyards, you may not be paid highly but you will be looked after with food and lodgings.

Summer Camps

Throughout Europe there are many summer camps where children from around the continent go to, in order rot have a fun and active summer. You can work on these summer camps and help to give the kids a great summer, meeting cool people and having fun along the way. You will receive a small amount of money for your efforts but you won’t need to spend a penny on accommodation or food.

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