One of the things that I love most about traveling through Europe is the fact that you can do most of it by train, a perfect way to travel. Traveling by train is more environmentally-friendly than flying, it is fast and most importantly, you can see the very best of a country from the comfort of your seat. For many years there have been companies offering European rail tickets which can get you all over the continent for a single price and Eurail have been one of the best value and most popular for many years. Last year after my Oktoberfest exploits, I bought a rail ticket from Eurail and set about upping my country count and exploring more of Europe. If you have looked at Eurail as an option, here are my thoughts on it.

Value For Money

The truth about the saver ass on offer by Eurail is that if you are planning  trip of less than two weeks or a trip which only includes 3 or 4 train journeys, you are going to be much better off buying individually. If however you are panning on a longer trip that spans a couple of months and multiple stops, this is a great option and you will save a great amount of money. If you are under the age of 25 this will definitely be worth it as those over this age must buy the first class option which proves to be quite costly.

Location is Important

If you are looking to travel to Eastern European countries then the pass may not be a good idea for you. Many of the countries in Easter Europe aren’t actually included in the pass and in all honesty, the rail links and quality of service really aren’t up to scratch in regions like Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Pass Options

It might take you a little bit of time to get your head around the many passes that are available and there isn’t a one size fits all for these tickets. Here are some of the options.

Global Pass – 10 or 15 days within 2 months.

Global Pass – 15 – 90 consecutive days.

Select Pass – 5 to 15 days travel within 2 months within neighboring countries.

One Country Pass – Multiple stops within the same country.


What I loved about the Eurail pass was that you can use them on a wide variety of trains which means that on matter where you are traveling to, or at which time, there is lots of availability for you. You only need to plan your trip a day beforehand which lends itself to the spontaneity of travel.


If you, like many travelers are worried about running out of money then a Eurail pass is a great idea as it covers all of you transportation for the duration of your trip. This means that you only need to keep your money fro accommodation and food. Sometimes you can even take night trains using your pass which means that you can save money on your accommodation.

All in all, depending on your trip, the Eurail pass is a great idea which can get you to all of the exciting countries in Europe.

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