I have been lucky enough to visit Thailand on several occasions and even lived there for a year back in the day. I knew after my first day in the Land of Smiles that this was a place I was going to fail in love with. There’s a reason why over 30 million people visit Thailand each – it’s amazing and has absolutely everything!

After spending so much time there and learning a lot when I was living there, I think I’m in a good position to tell you guys why you will love the place too. There’s so much to see and do, it doesn’t matter what type of holiday you’re on (solo, family, group, couple) because you’ll find exactly what you need in Thailand.

The Food

If you’ve been to a Thai restaurant back home I’m pretty sure you’ll have enjoyed the food, just wait until you eat the real thing! The food might be my favourite thing about this place because every meal is so tasty. One thing you need to remember is ask for the food not to be too spicy because every now and then you’ll get a dish that’ll knock your socks off but after a while you need chilli with every meal. My favourites are papaya salad which is really fresh and ideal in cold weather. Pat krakow is fried chicken, basil and chilli with rice, you will find this in every single restaurant you go to – it’s a must try. If you’re a vegetarian then there’s no need to worry because being a buddhist country there are plenty of vegetarian options available.

The People

It isn’t called the land of smiles for nothing, every time you walk down the road people will smile at you. it’s so different to being back home in London because if you smile at someone on the tube they think you’re a mad man! I have always found Thai people to be super friendly, welcoming and really helpful. I brought my mum over to visit me and she couldn’t believe how friendly people were to her, everywhere she went she was smiling all the time. I think the locals can make or break a place, in Thailand they certainly do make it.

The Beaches

If you’re a beach lover then Thailand is the place for you. There are pristine beaches and stunning islands all over the place. You can choose to visit somewhere like Phi Phi island which was made famous by the movie The Beach or opt for a more secluded option such as Koh Kood island – I love this place because if you’re looking for peace and quiet you won’t find anywhere better. Do your research before you leave because there are so many different options to choose from and all have their own benefits.

Have you been to Thailand before? If so, let us all know about your experiences in the comment section below.

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