I like to lead a healthy lifestyle and work out when I can, so sometimes when I head off traveling for a few months it can be hard to maintain the same level of fitness because I’m not hitting the gym daily. Even though I may not be in the gym it is still possible to keep healthy despite the many temptations that travel brings.

I think we’ve all experienced going on holiday, over indulging and coming back a few pounds heavier that when we left, I know I certainly have. After a while that really wasn’t working for me so I planned to really focus on my health when I was travelling – it wasn’t as difficult as I first thought, it just took a bit of discipline and commitment.

Rather than over complicate things with a plan that would be hard to stick to, I just follow 3 really easy rules.

Alcohol once a week

When you’re hanging around in guesthouses after a day of exploring it can be so easy to slip into the routine of having a few beers every evening, I certainly fell victim to this. After a while I found my belly getting increasingly bigger and also I was feeling groggy in the mornings, so I knew I had to make a change. Drinking a beer with fellow travellers is a social thing but you don’t need to be holding a bottle to chat to people, no one on the road is going to judge you if you don’t drink and you’ll find plenty of others who won’t be drinking too. The benefits of reducing alcohol to once a week are huge and definitely a good way to keep the pounds off. It’s also a nice treat to sip on an ice cold beer once a week.

Walk every morning

Everyday when I wake up the first thing I’ll do before opening my phone or having breakfast is going for a walk around the local area. That really gets the system going in the morning and wakes me up. Strolling around the city for an hour means you’ll tick off that 10,000 step goal and also get to see lots of interesting things as the place slowly wakes up. I sometimes stick in my earphones and listen to a podcast or relaxing music. I think this is one of my favourite things to do because I might be hoping on a bus or train for the whole day and getting a little bit of exercise in first really helps. Do this everyday and you’ll be getting off to a good start.

Intermittent fasting

Now this isn’t always possible when you travel because often you don’t know when you’ll be stopping for your next meal or eating at certain times just isn’t possible. If however you’re stationary for a few days in fairly modern place then it’s easily doable and can really help. The easy timings I stick to are eating from 10am – 6pm, after that there’s no food. If you haven’t tried this then you really need to, after a few days you’ll feel a lot lighter and better about yourself. Of course you can’t be eating junk food and still need to eat as clean as possible.

How do you keep healthy on the road? What are the factors that make your travel unhealthy sometimes? I’d love to hear what you guys have to share,  just pop your comments in the box below. Thanks for sharing guys!

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