One of my favorite cities in Europe is the Italian capital Rome and it is somewhere that I have spent a great deal of time in, having lived there for almost 6 months back in 2015. There is really so much to love about this historic and vibrant European city and for anyone living in Europe, it makes for he perfect weekend break. Three days is probably the minimum that you will need in Rome to properly enjoy it and visit all of the major attractions, but if you do have more time then I’d encourage you to stay here for longer.

Weekend breaks are the most popular option for people traveling to Rome and here is what you need to do during your 3 day break.

Friday Night

When you first arrive in Rome, once you ahem put you bags in the hotel and worked out where you are, it is tie to enjoy your first taste of Italian food. Without wishing to be cliche about this, I would recommend that you head straight out for a pizza, some local wine and some gelato ice cream. Italian food is about way more than just pizza but it is here that you will taste the best in the world and it is definitely worth sampling as soon as possible. I would recommend that you go to the Via Statilio Ottato of the city where you will find Sforno, the best pizza in the city.


Next up you need to head over to see the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, as well as the Piazza Navona and a collection Roman ruins which can all be found within walking distance of the amphitheater. Head back to the hotel to freshen up after your action packed day ad then head out to the Monti neighborhood and join the locals as they dance, sing and drink the night away. Try out some of the incredible cold meat platters which you will find in the restaurants here, absolutely delicious.


I would recommend an early start on Sunday and take the 730am tour of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. The later in the day that it is when you take this tour, the less enjoyable it becomes and even though getting up at 630am on a Sunday is a bummer, it is well worth it. This is an express tour which will take around 2 hours but features the Basilica and the Vatican Museum. Finally, head to the River Tiber on the Sunday afternoon and join the hundreds of people who make it their weekly ritual to stroll along the banks of this glorious river before it is time to get packed up and ready to leave.

This is very much as whistle-stop tour of Rome but if you plan things right, you can tick off as many boxes as possible and really enjoy yourself in the Italian capital. There days may be enough to sample Rome, but you will most definitely want to come back for more.

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