AirBnb has really changed the face of the accommodation industry and in many parts of the world it is challenging hotels of market share, and winning in many cases. AirBnb has so many benefits and it compliments the sharing economy which many of us are involved in with companies such as Uber, which has seen the word sharing its wealth around. I have been on the road for around 5 years now and the emergence of AirBnb is something which I have absolutely fell in love with. In my view, whether you are traveling in a  group or on your own, this is a perfect option for solo travelers, and here’s why.


AirBnb is so wide ranging that there is something for almost every budget. I have actually found that in many cities around the world, AirBnb has actually been cheaper than some hostels which I have found. I am sure I don’t need to tell you which I would prefer between an AirBnb and a hostel! If you are traveling on a budget then AirBnb is a really great option.


Even if you have an AirBnb wich has a ver low price, you are still bound to have much more space than you would do with a hotel or a hostel. There is nothing worse than getting back to your accommodation after a long day of exploring and being faced with 10 other people or a hotel room with nothing more than a bed. The level of space which you can enjoy in an AirBnb is just another reason why I think its a perfect choice  for anyone traveling alone.

Sharing Options

There are a lot of AirBnb options out there where you will rent a room in a shared house. The reason I enjoy doing this from time to time is that it gives you a chance to meet other travelers and I have actually made many friends through this. Unlike with a hostel, you will have a private room in your AirBnb and you will interact with people in community areas.

Cooking Options

If you are traveling on a budget then buying food outside is going to really hit your budget hard and most AirBnb’s give you all of the amenities which you need to cook your own meals. I love cooking anyway and when trying to save money, ti is far easier to go to a local market and pick up some supplies to take back with you.

When a Hotel is Better

I would always prefer an AirBnb when I go traveling alone but there are some moments when a hotel is simply better. For example, if I am staying somewhere for 1 or 2 nights, I would always opt for a hotel rather than an AirBnb as it is much more cost effective. Equally, whenever I have traveled somewhere that could potentially be dangerous, I much prefer the safe haven of a hotel, other than with these examples, I will always choose AirBnb over a hotel or hostel.

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