For many years, Europe was considered one of the safest continents in the world to travel through. In recent years however, there have been a series of terror attacks, social uprisings in places like Greece and Turkey as well as the dangers posed by illegal immigration throughout the continent.

All of this begs the question as to whether Europe is still the safe place that it always was when it comes to traveling. Much of this of course, depends on where you wish to go but assuming you plan on going to the ‘highlight’ countries and cities, here is the level of safety which you can expect.


The terror attacks on Paris in 2015 and on Nice last year sent shockwaves through Europe and changed the opinion of many on how safe it is to travel through France. With this being said, the result of these attacks has forced France to greatly up their national security and put additional checks and requirements in place for travelers. In truth, France is actually safer than ever before for travelers.


Ironically for a country which has seen so much war in the last century, it is perhaps the safest country to travel in throughout Europe. Many think that the country could be at risk of a terror attack given the acceptance of many Syrian refugees but in actual fact, the country has become the benchmark on national security and you should have absolutely no issues traveling through Europe.

United Kingdom

The UK is definitely less safe than it used to be and travelers should be vigilant at all times when traveling through Britain. An increase in bot terror attacks and petty crime in places such as London and Manchester shows that the UK has not quite got the same grip on security that their European counterparts have. The United Kingdom has actually cut the level of policing in recent years and whilst in the main it isa  safe country to travel in, travelers should take precautions when traveling through the larger cities.


Italy is a very safe place to travel in, they have low crime numbers in the big cities and there have been no terror attacks on the nation for many years. If you want to enjoy the best of Tuscany, Rome, Milan and Sicily, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you are unlikely to be at risk of attacks, muggings or any other petty crimes.


With the exception of Brussels, Belgium is a very safe place to travel in and you should have no higher risk in the country as anywhere else in Europe. Brussels is slightly different because petty crime rates here such as theft and assault are much higher than in the rest of the country. Brussels is also the home of the European government which makes it a target for terrorists. Take care in the capital but the rest of the country will be perfectly safe.

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