I’m Deen, another millennial with a degree trying to find themselves in the word. A little addicted to Instagram, bikinis and skinny lattes from Starbucks. I also have a penchant for cheap international airfare and infinity pools. So if you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, take your pick from that list!

Bali changed me, Thailand moulded me and Sri Lanka enchanted me. Volunteering, eating healthily and finding myself in Goa. That yoga course opened my mind in a way I never knew was possible. And the books, so many books. The beauty of long travels, meandering trains, endless buses is all about the books. From my first step in Asia, I fell in love. With reading, with traveling, with socialising. And this is my blog to remember it all.

So if you see me, say hi. And if you read my thoughts, email me. Let’s make a connection, with the world and with each other. Each day we have a choice to make someone smile a little deeper, so here’s my message to you. You can do it. You can meet me on the road, you can ride these trains, and visit these elephants. I’ll see you soon.

Love daisy.


EMAIL: daisy@cityfarmboy.com

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