For months I had been seeing adverts for juice cleanse pop up on my newsfeed and for months I’d been interested but I never took the leap and tried one, that was until two weeks ago. A travel blogging friend of mine told me he was going to try one out, over dinner he went on about how good they were supposed to be and that I should try it with him. It seemed like a good idea to do it at the sometime to help each other through because I thought it could get tough at times – that certainly turned out to be very true!

There are two things I should say before I go into the benefits of a juice cleanse; it isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy. I opted for the 3 day cleanse which I thought wouldn’t be too tricky but the food cravings and wanting to chew something kicked in after only a day. Then there’s the cost, I got 9 bottles per day(3 for each meal) and that cost me nearly $100. That’s a pretty steep price to pay you might think, but when I saw all the quality organic ingredients in each bottle I didn’t think it was too bad. If you’re on a budget there are definitely ways you could make your own juices and do the cleanse a lot cheaper.

Even though it was testing and not cheap I think the whole cleanse was well worth it, it is something I would definitely do again. Here are the benefits I got from the cleanse.

A Good Detox

This is probably one of the factors that attracted me to doing the cleanse in the first place, a detox is always I good thing I think. When you’re only having juice for each meal the body doesn’t need to be breaking down solid foods, so this gives your digestive system a bit of a break. So instead our body will focus on getting rid of an toxins we have in our system, you will feel a lot better for this. Also, because you only consume fruit and veg you’re getting big doses of antioxidants which help to repair your body.

Weight Loss

Now, you’re not going to lose 10 kilos in a week but you will notice you become slimmer after a cleanse. From all the reviews I read beforehand I noticed that lots of people reported losing a few pounds. I mean it makes sense, you’re only drinking juice and eating absolutely no rubbish at all. The calorie count goes way down for those few days your on the cleanse, it might not last forever but it does make you feel a lot lighter.

Boosts The Immune System

A juice cleanse is basically also a fast because there’s no solid food entering your system – one of the main benefits people get when they fast is that their immune system improves. Your body can repair itself much quicker and I also read that the body responds to fasting by producing new cells and getting rid of the damaged ones.

I would recommend a cleanse to everyone, try it at least once to see what you think. I’m probably going to do one overtime I get back from travelling to reboot and refresh the system. If you’ve tried one please do let us all know what you thought of it. Just pop your thoughts in the comment section below – thanks for sharing!

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