Have you ever noticed than when you take care of your appearance you feel so much better? I definitely have noticed this, it puts a spring in my step. I tend to be much more successful, outgoing and have more enjoyment when I pay attention to the way I look.

Now, I’m not saying we should put people down if they don’t dress well, I’m just saying that it works for me and I’ve found so many benefits from it. A few years ago I wasn’t taking care of myself well, not paying attention to my clothes, hair and shaving was definitely ignored. I made a few simple changes and life just got better. My productivity increased, my happiness and my friends even noticed the difference – I wish I’d done it along time ago!

I challenge anyone out there to try it at least once to see if things get better for them. Just try it for a week or even a month and I promise you’ll see the benefits. Here’s what I found got better for me when I made sure I look good, things I don’t want to go away and that’s why I maintain my appearance.


I’m sure everyone brushes their teeth everyday but I’m talking about more than that. I started to visit my dentist more and work out regularly – both of which improved my health a lot. Then there are simple things like taking care of my skin, I moisturise regularly and I can see the huge effect it has had on my skin, I look a lot healthier and I know that also makes me look good too.

Self Esteem

It’s no big secret, when you’re looking good, you’re feeling good too. Even if you’re feeling a bit low, having a good haircut, wearing that well fitted shirt or whitening your teeth are enough to brighten up anyway and leave you feeling more confident.


When I am looking good I find that communicating with people is so much easier because of the confidence it brings. When I know my hair is in place and I can smile confidently, having a conversation is so much easier because I’m not worrying about looking like a mess! People also find it easier to chat to you because they’re not thinking about that creased shirt of out of control barnet you’ve got going on.

First Impressions

First impressions are essential in life, even if we don’t want to admit it, the way we look helps people form their opinions of us. I know that if I look good people will remember that and also have a good first impression when we meet. We don’t want people to remember us, after that meeting or party, as that scruffy guy who could do with a shower.

Helps At Work

It’s another reality in our lives which maybe isn’t a good thing, but it is a fact. Of course your actual work and experience will take you a long way, making sure you also look good will help leave a good impression. You always want to give the best account of yourself, so making sure you’re looking as good as can be is vital.

Shows You’re Not Lazy

If you always show up at work looking scruffy and tired, then you will be known as the guy who doesn’t make an effort. Your appearance gives an insight to other people about your attitude and your lifestyle. So spend a little time each day making sure you look your best, it only takes 15 minutes to get everything in order.

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