The great thing about some of the smaller islands dotted around Southeast Asia is that many of them require you to firstly, find out about them, and secondly, you have to sometimes put in a little bit of effort to get to them. The main advantage of this of course is that they seem to be a little more tranquil than others and are a great place for you to relax.

One island that fits this description is the small island of Pangkor which is located on the west of the Malaysian Peninsular and a short journey from Lumut. The island has some fantastic beaches to choose from white beautiful white sands and sparkling blue waters. This makes it ideal for people who like to adventure under seas and the snorkeling and diving is second to none. You can also hire kayaks to discover some of the little hidden coves not accessible by land.

If you want to explore inland there are many interesting places to see in Pangkor, and you can reach them from any of the Lumut Hotels. For example you can explore Pangkors’ rich colonial history with a visit to the old Dutch Fort or Sacred Rock emblazoned with the tiger and child symbol and the name of the old Dutch East India Trading Company who ran much of the country as a business. There is also a quirky little Chinese temple, Fu Li Kong, paying tribute to the Malay cultural ties to China. It also has a mini Great Wall of China which is quite fun.

As far as accommodation is concerned then some of the best hotels in Pangkor are situated around the coast, I personally like to stay 10 minutes by boat away at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut. Where you stay of course is going to depend on your budget. If it is limited then you might consider the Best Stay. However, if you really want to treat yourself then there is a fantastic resort on Pangkor Laut. This is actually a separate island so if it is total peace you are looking for then this will probably be your best choice.

With your accommodation sorted out and your sightseeing itenary sorted then you might be thinking about food. The great thing about Malaysia is that because of its rich cultural history the food options are endless. Many of the hotels will have their own establishments, but outside you can choose from Malay, Indian, Chinese or European cuisines. Whether you want luxury or budget accommodation, or you want five star food or streetfood, you can be pretty sure that this less explored island will satisfy your every need.

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