As I am ploughing through my reading books each week, I always like to do so with a hot cup of coffee by my side. In recent years I used to rely heavily on a coffee machine or percolator to make my tasty cup of Joe but last year someone gave me a gift for my birthday that completely changed the game, a French press.  A French press is a way of making coffee that provides you with the most delicious cup of coffee which you will ever taste. This coffee press is easy to use and I have been in awe of it ever since I received it for my birthday. If you haven’t used a French press before, here is exactly why you need one in your life.

Amazing Taste

Let’s start with the outstanding taste of the coffee which these French presses produce. The reason behind the amazing flavor is because during the coffee making process, you only use coarsely ground coffee which means that you get the fullest flavor. This is because when beans are ground down to almost powder, you lose a great deal of aroma. Another positive about this French press is that you can also allow your coffee to brew for a longer period of time so that it can be as strong or as weak as you want it to be.

An Event

I am quite the dramatic type and I love that making coffee is now much more of an event than it used to be. Unlike putting a pod into the machine, or adding water and granules in a cup, the press allows you to slowly and lovingly make your coffee before pushing that plunger down to finish off the process. I love the theater of using the press and if I ever have a dinner party, I will most definitely be using this item.


Unless you throw the press on the floor, it is unlikely to ever break which is more than I can say for many coffee machines, with lots of components that could go wrong. I went through 3 coffee machines in 4 years as a result of these components and for this reason, I absolutely adore my French press.

No Grit

Because of the way in which these French presses are designed, the filter leaves behind absolutely no grit or grains of coffee to annoy you when you are drinking. This may sound like a small benefit but in my view there is little worse than getting half wet/half dry coffee stuck in between your teeth.

No Paper

Paper filters really aren’t that great, they add a certain flavor to your coffee, they absorb everything around them which then drips into your coffee and you always have to replace them. With a French press this is never the case and the metal filter will do a better job, and last a great deal longer.

What are you waiting for? Go and get that French press in your life right now!

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